Readiness and Resistance, Building a Culture of Evidence-based Practice in Nursing: A Community Hospital Approach Public Deposited

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Healthcare consumers trust clinicians to make clinical decisions based on the best possible evidence, which is proven to result in positive outcomes; however, evidence -based practice is not consistently practiced, which leads to medical errors, patient injury, and death. The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) scholar project is to initiate a culture of evidence-based practice (EBP) among the in-patient registered nurses of the chosen practicum site. A needs assessment, in the form of an electronic survey was launched for the identified nursing group participants, which served to identify the nurses’ beliefs, knowledge, and readiness to accept the culture change. The survey evidence indicated that EBP education was required for the nurses to increase their knowledge of the EBP process. Evidence-based practice online education was delivered to a select group of inpatient registered nurses with a participation rate of 93%. The education module contained a pretest and posttest, in which the test score averages indicated there was evidence of increased knowledge among the participants. The initiatives of the project enabled EBP culture building, which facilitates empowering the nurse to identify and nurture their spirit of inquiry in practice issue changes, thereby facilitating positive patient outcomes. This is the strong foundation for future development of a culture where the practice of EBP is normal and not the exception.

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